Tenant Representation

We represent to our tenants the property and the landlord after proper due diligence. Our Due diligence legal team work on drafting a tailored lease and take care of all the requirements of our tenant such that our tenant has never to face problems related to landlord and lease. 

We have our own methods and protocols to represent our tenants sufficiently. We take care of our tenants after lease are signed and executed. We use feedback mechanism and try to continuously procure the promised services from the landlord. We at Ackerland group are with us from the start of your lease till the end of the lease and beyond that. We also provide logistic and packer and movers services for our clients to shift swiftly and readily whenever required. 

Cushman & Wakefield’s tenant representation experts help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Whether we are providing clients with acquisition, renewal, relocation, or consolidation services, C&W’s Tenant Representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of global markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities. 
Tenant Representation services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, logistic/distribution services, market analysis, cost of occupancy analyses, and negotiations. Our brokers can also integrate additional C&W tenant services, such as Project Management, Facilities Management, and Lease Administration. 
We work with tenants around the world, meeting their requirements that span a single office or a global portfolio as well as a renewal or relocation.



We will create a competition in the marketplace for your tenancy to pressure your landlord to offer the most favourable terms.


With the support of in-depth market knowledge, a keen ability for market forecasting, and strategic problem-solving abilities, our expert leasing professionals will effectively create and leverage opportunities in the marketplace to secure the most advantageous transaction structure.

How Can We Help?

C&W professionals help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements.

Strategy development

Our experts will advise you on how to best leverage your tenancy in the market to achieve maximum value and flexibility.

Creative market search

Our brokers will use creative approaches to evaluate unique opportunities, including off-market space options. We will leverage our relationships with landlords, brokers, and other tenants to present off-market opportunities with the objective of reducing the overall cost of the transaction.

Financial analysis

We provide standardised financial analyses (cash flow, GAAP, and NPV) that enable thorough comparison of space options under consider. Clients benefit from an accurate budget for transactions and annual occupancy costs. C&W’s in-depth financial analyses will enable you (not the landlord) to control your lease structure.

Strong relationships with landlords

C&W’s service delivery platform is structured to deliver the following key benefits:

Maximum value

Our approach leads to the most cost-effective, flexible, and functional occupancy solution. 

Best price

We orchestrate competition in the market among landlords so that your tenancy will result in the most competitive offer.

Decisive information

We will equip you with superior information and expert guidance to meet or exceed fiscal, workforce, and operational objectives.

Value protection

Your occupancy strategy will address both current and long-term requirements.

Safeguard your interests

We will negotiate terms and conditions that are in your best interests. Our sole commitment is to you.

Experience and Resources

Ackerland Realty tie-up directly with builders, developers, landlords, landowners, government agencies, so that the best of the deal can be brought to you